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August 16, 2019

- Pottermore announced the new Wizarding World app, which is to be launched soon! It's packed with new features, such as quizzes, news, polls, announcements and a brand new fanzine, called Wizading Weekly, which lands every Wednesday. Users in New Zealand will be able to test the app, dowloading it from Apple Store or Google Play.

August 12, 1995

- Today, in 1995, Harry's disciplinary hearing took place in front of the Wizengamot at the Ministry of Magic at 8am. Harry was charged for using underage magic as he was forced to use the Patronus charm to save his cousin and himself.
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August 12, 2019

- This morning, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) will appear on the Breakfast Show with Andy Bush and Richie Firth on Absolute Radio to promote his latest movie project Playmobil: The Movie, which was released on August 09, 2019 in the UK (US release date is December 06). Their radio show airs from 6am to 9am in the morning.
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Happy 38th birthday, Ginerva Weasley!

Today, August 11, one of our beloved witches, Ginny Weasley turns 38. Back in 1981, Ginerva Weasley was born to Molly and Arthur Weasley as the seventh child of the Weasley family. She’s got six brothers, meaning that she’s the only girl and daughter that Mrs. Weasley has given birth to.

Today, Ginny is married herself, to none other than Harry Potter, which means that we would actually call her Ginny Potter. Happy birthday to Ginerva – Ginny.

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