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August 26, 2017  Debby  No Comments

Today, August 26, probably one of the most hated Harry Potter characters celebrates her birthday: (Professor) Dolores Jane Umbridge. Right from the start, from the first line the character was introduced by, J.K. Rowling succeeded in making the readers dislike Umbridge. Not only as the defence against dark arts teacher, the headmistress, the High Inquisitor, the Senior Undersecretary or whatever role she took in the Harry Potter series, Dolores Umbridge successfully managed to leave a negative impression with everything she said or did.

“When they entered the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom they found Professor Umbridge already seated at the teacher’s desk, wearing the fluffy pink cardigan of the night before and the black velvet bow on top of her head. Harry was again reminded forcibly of a large fly perched unwisely on top of an even larger toad.”

But, the Harry Potter series wouldn’t be so admired and such a successful saga if it hasn’t been for its villains as much as for its heroes. Dolores plays a huge part in the novels and the movies and will always be a celebrated part of the series. Therefore, happy birthday, Dolores Umbridge.

August 22, 2017  Debby  No Comments

Happy birthday to Percy Weasley! Today, August 22, the third son of Molly and Arthur Weasley turns 41 years old.

Percy is probably the most ambitious of all the Weasley children, but – and that should be claimed with the utmost caution – the least liked. Many people disliked him from the first novel on. As a prefect at Hogwarts, Percy took the job very seriously and didn’t believe that his brothers Fred and George would get very far with their jokes and games. His great ambitions led to him working at the Ministry of Magic, even for the Minister of Magic himself. His rise caused a rift between him and his family as he denied that the Minister kept tabs of the Weasleys and Dumbledore. This loyalty to the Minister was a reason why fans of the franchise really began to dislike Percy. However, the fans’ attitude towards him may have changed after he comes to senses when the Ministry falls to the Death Eaters during the return of the Dark Lord.

For Percy’s complete biography and facs, make sure to visit the character’s page. In the movies Percy was portrayed by actor Chris Rankin.